Wholesale products and accessories for pets inside and outside home

There is no greater pleasure for a pet-owner to discover new products and toys which spoil the puppy and make him happy. Beautiful but especially useful products which conquer the heart of the owner at first glance!

EmiPet provides innovative and particular products, stylish collars and leashes of all shapes and materials, hygiene products and any kinds of toys. We also supply a wide range of kennels, pet shelters and dog lodging with particular decorations. Make your pet a little king at home and a star in the neighborhood!

Hygiene and Outdoor

dog hygienic bags, pet carriers and totes

Kennels and homelife

pet shelters, open kennels for dogs, bowls, water providers, toilet mats

Care and Beauty

combs, brushes, nail clippers

Collars and Walking Accessories

fashion collars, textiles or chain leashes, extendo-arm leashes, bibs, muzzles


bones and crunchy sticks


balls, dog ropes, chewy toys

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