EmiStyle: wholesale household products, kitchen utensils and bathroom accessories

The kitchen in your own image

The kitchen is the heart of the house, the place where we express our joy of living and eating together..or just cooking what we like! From breakfast till dinner we spend a lot of time in this place cooking our meals or just speaking with our family around the table, sharing our stories and food.

For excellent dishes, every chef needs an equipped and comfortable kitchen with different tools, speeding his job in an efficient way. To that end, EmiStyle introduces its new selection of kitchen utensils and accessories to decorate your table as you like.

The pleasure of taking care of our house

A beautiful house recalls our personality and way of living, it is a place full of memories: objects, candles, photos, lights, mirrors which reflect our image. Regarding that, EmiStyle takes care of the time we keep for ourselves, providing all the tools we need for body care and makeup.

EmiStyle is not only that. It can also supply every accessory and tool you need for sewing, repairing damages or just express your creativity.

Food Preparation Utensils

moulds, scales, ladles, cutting boards, knife sharpeners, graters, potato peelers, whisks, strainers, mincers, meat tenderizers, kitchens shovels, aprons

Kitchen Cookware and Accessories

stainless steel pots, baking trays, bakeware moulds, barbecue pincers, grills, potholders, silicone oven gloves

Party Articles and Table Decor

placemats, stainless steel cutlery, trivets, candles

Kitchen tools for the post-lunch time

coffee makers, teapots, tea filters, stainless steel trays, thermos, dish washing brushes, bag closing tools, hermetic bags.

Bathroom Accessories and Decor

toilet roll holders, toilet brushes, hooks, basins, shower curtains, washing machine covers, shoes rags, foldable stools

Wall and Tabletop Picture Frames

wall and tabletop multiple photo frames

Sewing Tools and Equipment

safety pins, needles, sewing pins, thimbles, spools, knitting needles, measuring tapes, elastic belts, zips, Velcro

Beauty and MakeUp Accessories

mirrors, combs, dispensers, makeup organizers, flight kits

Stationery and Hobby Accessories

coloured chalks, blackboards, photographic paper

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