EmiTools: wholesale hardware, do-it-yourself products and gardening

We are experts in the wholesale of articles for hardware and do-it-yourself. Creating something with your hands is priceless. Instead, the intervention of an electrician or a carpenter is not. That is why the DIY and hardware market is increasingly growing.

EmiTools provides you with a wide range of accessories for every type of work to be carried out at your home: whitening, furniture installation, ladders, electric equipment, plumbing materials, gardening and do-it-yourself accessories. Wheter you are a specialist or an amateur, you will find everything you need!

Painting Accessories

brushes and roller brushes

Attachment and Fixing

hot glue, welders, terminals

Measurement Tools

metres, calipers, gauges


pliers, pneumatic hammers, box cutters and scissors, screwdrivers, chisels, sandpaper, riveters

Manual Work Utensils

mandrels, shackles, blend discs, ladders,

Wrench Sets

Allen keys, wrenches, elbowen wrenches

Small Hardware Items

seals, clamps, hooks, bolts, screws, locks

Gardening Tools

gloves, shovels, hatchets, rakes, scythes

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